Advanced Membrane Research

Leader: Andy Herring

CSM Faculty: Annette Bunge, Dan Knauss, Mark Lusk, Ryan O’Hayre, Doug Way, Colin Wolden
CU Faculty: Will Medlin
NREL Staff: David Ginley, Bryan Pivovar, John Turner, Joseph Berry
Postdoctoral Fellow: Lakshmi Krishna
Graduate Fellows: Adam Welch, Ann Deml, Archana Subramaniyan, Chi-Ping Li, Christelle Lyiza, Daniel Clark, Greg Schlichting, Jason Fish, TaniaTauer, Tina Yang, Yi Ke, Yuan Liu

The Advanced Membrane Interdisciplinary Research Group (Advance Membrane IRG) concentrates on membrane materials for use in fuel cell technology, batteries, and other renewable energy and electronic applications. Ion transport is fundamental to nearly every process involving the storage and conversion of chemical to electrical energy. Membrane performance is often the rate-limiting step in these electrochemical systems.

The goal of Advanced Membrane IRG is to harness the emerging field of nanoionics to create, control, and understand a new generation of ionic materials. Nanoionics is based on the understanding and exploitation of interfacial phenomena to create domains of high ionic conductivity, that when properly assembled at the nanoscale may affect transformative improvements in electrolyte performance. Systems of interest include polymer electrolyte membranes, proton conducting ceramics, and smart windows.

Current IRG research includes:
• Proton Conducting Cermaics - Research focused on proton-conducting perovskites, which are enabling materials for intermediate temperature SOFCs and electrolyzers.
• Nanocomposite Electrochromics - “Smart windows” integrating an electrochromic device can substantially mitigate building energy losses through interactive modulation of solar irradiation.
• Novel synthesis and characterization techniques for perfluorosulfonic acid based membranes have for the first time allowed the monitoring of changes in morphology as a function of changes in relative humidity.
• Polymer electrolyte membrane research.