Facilities Highlights

2012 Highlights

  •  REMRSEC REU summer program Colordao School of Mines

    New Clean Room

    M. Scott Bradley
    New clean room: 1,000 sq-ft, class 1,000
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2010 Highlights


    Chemical Synthesis Laboratory

    J. Beach, I. Anderson, T. Lane, A. M. Herring, P. C. Taylor, and R. T. Collins
    A year long, from planning to end, laboratory renovation to create a state-of-the-art shared-use chemical synthesis laboratory is now complete and the lab is open for business. The laboratory is managed by the Renewable Energy Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (REMRSEC) and the renovation was funded by the Colorado School of Mines as part of its financial commitment to the Center.
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  •  REMRSEC PECVD Upgrade

    PECVD Upgrade

    J. Beach and J. Johnson
    The Renewable Energy Materials Research Science and Engineering Center manages a state-of-art Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition cluster tool and gas phase synthesis laboratory. The tool has three process chambers, expandable to seven, and a robotic transfer module allowing samples to be moved between chambers to fabricate very complicated nanostructures. The system is essential to the group IV nanostructure research within the Center with nanowire and quantum dot synthesis activities in IRG1 preformed within the lab. This shared use facility is unique within Colorado and CSM is one of only a few campuses in the US to have similar systems.
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2009 Highlights

  •  Multifunctional Microscope for the Characterization of Renewable Energy Materials

    New Synthesis Laboratory

    New facilities are available with eight general purpose hoods and two glove boxes. Two on the hoods are designed to be safe for nano-particle synthesis and handling. Safe handling of nano-particles is becoming more and more important as we learn more about possible health hazards.

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2008 Highlights

  •  Multifunctional Microscope for the Characterization of Renewable Energy Materials

    Multifunctional Microscope for the Characterization Renewable Energy Materials

    Researchers at the Colorado School of Mines are harnessing a new microscope system which enables a non-destructive, sample-independent means of assessing the structural and chemical properties of a variety of different renewable energy materials, including catalysts and electrolytes for fuel cells, semiconducting thin films for solar cells, and clathrate-based solids for hydrogen storage. A new variable temperature stage is being developed for the microscope, which will provide a unique capability to investigate materials in-situ under a range of extreme conditions.

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