Working With REMRSEC

REMRSEC is interested in collaborations with companies and other education and research institutes focusing on transformative materials for Next Generation Photovoltaics and Advanced Membranes for energy applications. Click here to view current REMRSEC industrial and institutional partners.

REMRSEC offers its state-of-the-art synthesis, processing, computational, and characterization facilities for photovoltaic and opto-electronic materials, and fuel cell and ion transport to its partners. The Center’s partners could gain access to REMRSEC’s shared facilities with the Colorado Fuel Cell Center, the Micro-integrated Optics for Advanced Bio-imaging and Control, the Golden Energy Computing Organization, and the Electron Microscopy Laboratory.

REMRSEC is seeking relationships with other universities and institutes that involved in education & outreach and diversity initiatives. We currently have relationships with Salish Kootenai College and Fisk University.

For more information about REMRSEC partnership programs, contact REMRSEC by email.